The Advocate Media Group

The Advocate Media Group provides high-quality, extremely affordable media and communications services for not-for-profit organisations and charities. 

The Advocate Media Group's Director, Ryan Fritz, has over six years of experience as a communications specialist for not-for-profits and charities. He's currently working full-time as a Communications Manager at Sea Shepherd Australia. 

He was also a Communications Manager at not-for-profit RESULTS International (Australia) for 5 years and as a Communications Manager at Motorcycling Victoria for 6 years. Ryan is also the Chief Editor of The Advocate, a specially-dedicated news and opinion website for the not-for-profits and charities in Australia. 

We create high-quality websites that will help promote your organisation. We create websites fast and will make it look good too. We'll also increase website traffic by constantly maintaining it on a weekly basis. 

Media Strategies

We can provide provide yearly or half-yearly media strategies that will help promote your organisation that will bring you more members.

Media Releases
We write high-quality media releases that will get published in any newspaper around the country.  

Social Media Support
We won't just create your social media channel but we will also help you grow your brand, gain new members, and raise money for your organisation by managing your channels on a daily basis.

For further information please email Ryan at